The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) Charitable Foundation was established in 2013. Since being established the TDS Charitable Foundation has funded such projects designed to educate both tenants and landlords about the rights and obligations associated with the private rental sector with the aim of raising the standards of renting.

What does the Charitable Foundation fund?

The last round of funding awarded over £70,000 to fund such projects, with a focus on refugee and student housing. Thanks to the TDS Charitable Foundation many projects have successfully launched helping to educate the public and raise the standards of renting for everyone. The aim of reducing conflict between landlords and tenants through education and open communication has always been important to TDS.

How to bid for funds

The current round of funding will close on Friday 3rd February 2017 so there is still time for bids to be received. This time around the TDS Charitable Foundation has identified two key areas in which bids can be made. These themes for funding are:

  • Promoting knowledge of landlord’s obligations when renting homes
  • Promoting knowledge of tenant’s rights and responsibilities

With these themes in mind, those who wish to apply for funding must identify which of the three key funding streams their bid is applying to, as each of the funding streams can award different amounts.

  1. A national funding stream for larger projects with a national impact – circa £50,000 per project
  2. An innovation fund to enable those riskier projects to be funded – circa £25,000 limit per project
  3. A community stream for local projects – circa £10,000 per project

Those applying for funding should make it clear which funding stream their project is applying for.

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