Author: Craig Westwood, Director of Communications, Policy and Research, Electoral Commission

Earlier this year, I wrote in the TDS newsletter about the importance of registering to vote in the elections that took place in England and Wales in early May.

With a UK Parliament general election now happening on Thursday 4 July, you have the opportunity to have your say on who represents your local area in Parliament and who gets to form the government. However, you don’t get to vote in this election if you’re not first registered to vote. We know people living in rented accommodation tend to move home more often than others, and each time you move you need to register again.

Your vote matters, so don’t lose it – make sure you’re registered to vote here by 11.59pm on Tuesday 18 June. Don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes!

Taking part in our democracy is something we’re passionate about at the Electoral Commission, and that’s why we work hard to make sure tenants like you have the knowledge and confidence to have your say. But it’s not just about elections – registering can also help you:

  • Get a mobile phone contract
  • Apply for a credit card or mortgage
  • Obtain a resident’s parking permit
  • Apply for school places

So it’s worth doing even if you don’t plan to vote on 4 July, but that’s a good enough reason by itself. Your MP represents your local area – called a constituency – in the UK Parliament, where they review and vote on new laws and changes to existing ones that can affect the whole country. You can find more information on this election, including who is standing to be your MP, by entering your post code here.

These elections are your opportunity to have your say in who runs the country, so don’t miss out – register today.

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