Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions for the use of the website of The Dispute Service (“TDS” or “we”).  By entering and using this website as a user (“User”) it is deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions shown below which take effect from the date when the User first uses this website.


  1. TDS does not have any liability for any loss suffered by the User in using the website.
  2. We accept no liability for any failure of the User to comply with these terms and conditions where the failure is due to circumstances outside the reasonable control of TDS.
  3. The User agrees to abide by the privacy conditions of TDS shown on the website.
  4. The validity of these terms and conditions will be affected and shall remain in force even if any part of the terms and conditions is held to be illegal invalid or unenforceable.
  5. The waiving of any rights by TDS under these terms on conditions on one occasion will not affect the validity of those rights or mean that the right will automatically be waived on any other occasion or circumstance.
  6. If the User discriminates against any employee of TDS or acts in an illegal or aggressive manner to any employee of TDS then we reserve the right to terminate the right of the User to use the website with immediate effect.  Any sums paid to TDS will not be refunded.

Computer Malfunction and Virus Protection 

  1. TDS has no liability to any User for any defect failure or malfunction of the computer system and software package used by TDS.
  2. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, malfunction, disruption or damage to the computer system or any software data of the User.
  3. While TDS endeavour to check and test all the material used on the website the User must take any precautions deemed necessary to protect the User from viruses, other computer interference or coding which may damage the computer system of the User when accessing the website.  It is recommended that a suitable anti virus system is used for protection when down loading information from the internet.

Using the Website 

  1. The User agrees to use the website only for lawful purposes and will not act in a way which will restrict or prohibit the use and enjoyment of any third party.  Such actions include but are not restricted to any conduct which is unlawful, harasses, distresses or inconveniences any other person; and the broadcasting of obscene or offensive material; or which may cause obstruction or interference with the website.
  2. The User is forbidden not air, transmit, or post any unlawful, defamatory, obscene, inflammatory, abusive, hateful, or outrageous material on the website which could be considered to be a criminal or civil offence or any breach of the law or which may encourage others in such actions.

Disputes Data & Evidence

TDS accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or truth of the material submitted. If you use the portal you agree that TDS is not responsible for any statement or other submissions made by others which are, or could be, considered to be abusive, threatening or defamatory.

If TDS suffers any loss or incurs any costs as a result of material wrongly posted by you, you agree to reimburse us.

If you believe that material about you has been submitted through the portal which is defamatory or otherwise unlawful, you should contact TDS as soon as practicable. TDS will review the statement concerned. If TDS considers that a submission to the portal is defamatory or otherwise unlawful, TDS will remove the unlawful material promptly and invite the submitting party to re-submit its evidence without the controversial wording. If the submitting party refuses to do so, resolution of the dispute will proceed without the controversial evidence. TDS is under no obligation to remove parts of a submission just because one of the parties to the dispute disagrees with its content.


TDS does not charge for the use of the website however the User may be charged by a mobile network for access to the internet direct from the User’s mobile telephone. The User should check charges direct as they may vary according to the network.


TDS reserve the right to vary the terms and conditions of the website from time to time and without prior notice. The User should check regularly as continuing use of the website constitutes acceptance of any variation.


This website, including all material, attachments and guidance notes, is the copyright of TDS.


  1. All material presented on the website is provided without any warranty or representation either direct or indirect of its accuracy, fitness for purpose, quality, security, non-infringement of copyright or compatibility.
  2. TDS are not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, expense, loss of profits or data arising from the use of in connection with the use of the website of TDS.
  3. All information transmitted to or from the website of TDS cannot be guaranteed as totally secure.  All transmissions are at the risk of the User.
  4. The use of the website is not a substitute for independent professional advice.  The User is urged to obtain advice relevant to their circumstances.
  5. TDS have no liability or responsibility for any third party material displayed on this website.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales; and the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute under it.


Deposit payments will be made in GBP.

Refund policy

Please contact us for a refund detailing the reason for the request. Refunds are subject to review and on condition that the scheme rules have not been broken. Please beware that we can only refund to the debit card or bank account used in the original transaction.