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Award winning customer service

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TDS is immensely proud of the efforts of our colleagues to consistently provide customer service excellence. We have won numerous awards and plan to continue our efforts towards excellence in the future.

Fast Response Times

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Average of 21 days taken to resolve disputes; Initial response to helpline calls in 36 seconds!

.TDSMy DepositsDPS
Initial response to helpline calls36 seconds42 seconds36 seconds
Average number of days taken to resolve disputes21 days13 days26 days

*average figures from LUHC monthly statistics 1 April 2021 – 30 September 2021

TDS Academy

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Our members have discounted access to the industry leading training led by TDS Academy such as the TDS foundation and the adjudication workshops.

TDS also provide case studies of past adjudications and many helpful guides in order to help you have successful tenancies.

Raise your own disputes

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Unlike other schemes that only allow tenants to raise disputes, we appreciate that there will be occasions where you will need to ‘start the dispute process’. As a member of TDS you will be able to raise a dispute, not just respond.

Be rewarded for low dispute ratios

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Want to be rewarded for independently resolving end of tenancy discussions? The TDS Insured scheme offers reduced membership costs to agents with low dispute to tenancy ratios, meaning you get rewarded for your successes!

Switching made simple

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Switch now
  • Simply let your existing deposit protection scheme know of your intention to switch, and we handle the rest!
  • We will facilitate the transfer of your data and deposit monies.
  • A stress-free process which maintains your deposit protections
Switch at your pace
  • Create a membership and commence protecting any new deposits with us.
  • Once all deposits are with TDS simply close your account with your old deposit protection scheme.

Want to find out more, or need help starting the switching process?

Book a demo with one of our Sales Team to start your switching journey today!

TitleTDS Insured
We reward you for resolving disputes over deductions yourselfyes
Direct access to a suite of reports to assist with reconciliationsYes
Edit your own data, for example if there are spelling mistakes on a tenant's nameYes
Both the agent/landlord and tenant can raise a dispute - we do not restrict this to the tenant, like other schemesYes
Only contact us when there is a dispute, or to end the protection.Yes
No joining feeYes
TitleTDS Custodial
Tenant changeover function: Is one tenant moving out during the tenancy? Amend the deposit easily online without repaying the entire deposit. Particularly useful for student accommodation.yes
Pre-populated version of the prescribed information: Making complying with the law quicker and easier.Yes
Communications log: See what we have sent, when we sent it, and where.Yes
Update tenant contact details directly: With their permission, we share the tenant’s new details with you too.Yes
Change the lead tenant mid-tenancy: Lead tenant on holiday? Make the change at the click of a button.Yes
Split repayments between tenants: You engage with all tenants, not just the lead tenants – so do we.Yes
Powerful online evidence portal: Dispute arisen over deposit repayment? Upload your evidence to our impartial adjudicators quickly and cheaply.Yes
Tenancy activity function: View a history of tenancy stages and how a dispute case is progressing.Yes

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