Will TDS deal with disputes over non-ASTs?

We continue to offer a dispute resolution service for all your tenancies. Whilst it is correct that the Housing Act 2004 prescribes only that deposits taken on ASTs must be protected by an approved scheme such as ours, we are happy to deal with deposit disputes arising out of non-AST tenancies as we have done under TDSRA. (Frequently Asked Questions, paragraph 4.1)

Where you want to include non AST tenancies within the scheme for the purpose of making use of the ADR service where necessary, please do not register these deposits on the TDS database, which is currently only for the registration of deposits for ASTs. (TDS D Operational procedures and advice for members, section 23)

We are looking to refine the database so that it will be able to identify non-ASTs. It would then be possible to register them without distorting the statistics. However, it is not as simple as it sounds and would require those doing mass uploads of tenancy data to modify their own systems. We will not therefore be able to introduce this until the next release of the database at the end of year.

9th September 2008

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