In this week’s #ExpertView, Amanda Portman, Change and Business Improvement Manager at TDS, answers the question, “What is the easiest way to manage tenancy deposits online?’.

“As a legal requirement, organising tenancy deposit protection is a necessary task but one that forms a small part in what is a very busy day for landlords and letting agents,” explains Amanda. “With that in mind, it’s important that the process is as efficient as possible.”

As the only not-for-profit Government-approved tenancy deposit scheme in the UK, TDS have always been committed to finding new ways to make that process as easy as possible.

Our most recent development is the launch of the new website, which provides a more streamlined approach to deposit management for our customers.

The single website provides one login point to access all deposits held in both schemes. This is a big benefit for those letting agents who protect deposits using both the Insured and Custodial schemes.

“The single login streamlines the process for customers, making it easier to view deposits, make admin changes and add deposits,” added Amanda. “It now takes just seconds to manage deposits online, and doesn’t require any assistance by phone, unless a customer has a more complex query.”

The website also features an information hub, the TDS Information Lounge, which provides a useful resource for letting agents, landlords and tenants. Anyone can access a wealth of free tools, guides, templates and publications, which help to shed light on legislation changes, industry requirements and deposit disputes.

Introducing the TDS lounge

For landlords and agents looking to move to a more efficient tenancy deposit protection scheme, the new website makes switching even easier. The online joining process has removed all manual form filling, turning what was a longer admin process into one that can be completed in minutes.

Join or switch to TDS today!

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