In this week’s #AskTDS, we ask Debbie Davies, Head of Sales and Marketing at TDS, about the new website from TDS and how to take advantage of the new features for easier tenancy deposit management.

As background to the launch of the new website, the Business Development team at TDS were keen to create a single front-end website that would make the customer journey for customers much more straightforward and logical. 

The main aim of the website is to make access to the deposit management system easier, with a single login point that landlords and agents could use to view their deposits in both the Insured and Custodial schemes. It’s important to note, however, that the two schemes remain separate – it is only the single point of access that has changed.

The added benefit of the single website is to provide a source of useful tenancy deposit information in one place.

Addressing the question of how to use the new website is therefore an easy one to answer, as the entire user experience of the website has been made simple from the moment you arrive on the home page.

From a deposit management perspective, customers simply login in at one place to view details of their deposits. From there, customers can easily add deposits, request repayments (Custodial) and make changes to contact details on either tenancy deposit protection scheme.

One of the new website’s key features is the TDS Information Lounge, which is a hub of useful guides, templates, forms, case studies and downloadable publications. From updates on legislation to advice on tenancy deposit protection and deposit disputes, this resource centre provides the latest guidance on all deposit-related news in the PRS.

Introducing the TDS lounge

Tenants can also use the new website to quickly see which TDS scheme their deposit is held in. They can update details and action repayments or disputes from the portal.

Have you joined TDS?  Login here.

Want to join TDS or switch from another deposit protection provider? It’s now even easier with the new website. No more forms! You can join in minutes online.  Learn more.

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