What to do if you are unhappy with an adjudication decision

TDS - impartial and accountable dispute resolution

Ombudsman Association

At TDS, we are committed to delivering quick, fair and impartial decisions in the many deposit disputes we deal with each year. We recognise that, whether dealing with an adjudication or a complaint about one, the nature of dispute resolution is inherently contentious. To carry out our role effectively, our customers must have confidence that TDS will consider their case on its merits, and that impartial judgement will be brought to bear.

To ensure we meet these objectives, TDS has achieved 'Complaint Handler' membership of the Ombudsman Association. This means that we have been able to show that we have significant experience in dealing with disputes. We have also been able to show that we operate in accordance with the Association's Principles of Good Complaint Handling when we resolve them.



If you are unhappy with an adjudication decision, please read the complaints procedure below.