Video - Tenant attacks French property with sledgehammer over deposit; if only they had deposit protection!

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Yesterday The Metro circulated a shocking video of a tenant in France who, after being told he wouldn't get his deposit back, took to the property with a sledgehammer!

It might be an extreme case but landlords in the UK can take at least some comfort in knowing their tenants have access to free dispute resolution if they are unhappy with what happens to their money. So, no need for long and expensive court procedures - and definitely no need for sledgehammers!

Deposit protection is now in place across the UK, and Ireland confirmed this week they will proceed with it in 2014 (see yesterday's blog). Maybe French landlords will want to start considering the benefits after watching the video.

A warning that the video may send a shudder down the spines of many landlords, and if you speak French the tenant uses some strong language. View the video here on The Metro website: Tenant destroys flat with sledgehammer after landlord withholds deposit

Posted by Chris Kendall on 29 November 2013

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