Think like an Adjudicator!

TDS’s YouTube channel has lots of helpful advice and disputes. In this video, Head of Dispute Resolution Mike Morgan looks at how it is important for whoever is submitting the dispute to put themselves in the adjudicator’s shoes.

Is there a breach of the tenancy agreement? Make it clear and try your best to direct the adjudicator to what the tenant has or hasn’t done.

How much is it going to cost to put it right? Quots, estimates, receipts and invoices are way useful for this.

Is there a deposit clause? Think of the deposit as a pot of money whereby the adjudicator deals with each of the claims in the order in which they’re set out in the tenancy agreement.

Visit our YouTube channel for more advice on how to gtenancy deposit protection right from the start to finish from CEO Steve Harriott; Head of Dispute Resolution, Mike Morgan; and Head of Member Relations, Ben Beadle.