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Tenancy deposit protection in Ireland "a priority for 2014"

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Jan O'Sullivan  Jan O'Sullivan TD, minister with responsibility for housing in Éire, last week announced the Irish Government's plans to introduce tenancy deposit protection in the Republic of Ireland.

Posted by Chris Kendall on 28 November 2013


Making disputes easier with new online evidence portal

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We are very pleased to announce that today we are launching a brand new Disputes Evidence Portal on the TDS website.  The portal will make it quicker and easier to raise or respond to a dispute online.

Posted by Chris Kendall on 4 November 2013


Relaxing the rules at TDS

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Members of TDS will be aware that as of 1st April, the rules for how TDS operates have changed.

Posted by Chris Kendall on 2 April 2013


Striking Oil - Oil tanks and faulty gauges

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Mike Morgan In this month’s Adjudication Digest we looked at two recent cases concerning heating oil tanks and claims for refilling them at tenancy end.

Posted by Michael Morgan on 20 November 2012


Why self regulation just won't work

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  *"In an era when young kids get sent to jail for stealing a t-shirt and MPs get imprisoned for fiddling their expenses what makes fraudulent lettings agents get away with a smack on the hand? Self regulation just won't work."*

Posted by Steve Harriott on 26 October 2011


Welcome to the new Tenancy Deposit Scheme blog

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Those of you that attended the NALS 2011 conference[] will remember the presentation on the importance of social media given by Nick Tadd of Property Tribes. You may or may not have noticed that he was one of the only speakers at the conference not to use PowerPoint or any kind of visual aids. Isn’t...

Posted by Chris Kendall on 18 October 2011


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