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#ExpertView: The student guide to deposits

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In this week’s #ExpertView, John King, Director of Customer Service provides new and returning students with a quick guide to the world of tenancy deposits.

Posted by John King on 11 September 2018


#ExpertView: Why Tenancy Deposit Protection needs to stay

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In the last week we have seen Which? publish a report that shines a spotlight on the issue of deposits. 

Posted by Steve Harriott on 10 August 2018


#ExpertView: Landlord Legal Changes Coming in 2018 – Banning Orders - what they are and how they wor

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In this week’s instalment of #ExpertView, Tessa Shepperson of LandlordLaw continues her legal series, focusing on banning orders.

Posted by Tessa Shepperson on 12 June 2018


#ExpertView: GDPR - are you ready?

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*With the GDPR regulations set to take hold in less than two weeks’ time, Richard Jones, policy consultant and company secretary for the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), explains what the changes will mean for the private rented sector (PRS).*

Posted by Richard Jones on 15 May 2018


#ExpertView: Renovating Without Permission

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This week on #ExpertView, our Director of Dispute Resolution, Michael Morgan, discusses a recent decision by an adjudicator on a case involving a tenant who renovated a property without their landlord’s permission, and sets out the reasoning behind the decision.

Posted by Michael Morgan on 24 April 2018


#AskTDS: "I live in England and rent a property in Scotland, can I use TDS?"

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This article has been written in response to a landlord’s query: “I live in England and rent a property in Scotland, can I use TDS?”

Posted by Debbie Davies on 20 April 2018


#ExpertView: Tessa's 2018 Legal Changes series - 3. GDPR

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What is it and how does it affect you? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is all about the new data protection rules coming into force in May.

Posted by Christel Jones on 20 March 2018


#ExpertView: Tessa's 2018 Legal Changes series - 2. Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

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As you will already know, in most cases you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate for your property:

Posted by Christel Jones on 27 February 2018


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