Students - don't let your deposit get away!

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Research published by the National Union of Students today revealed that only just over half of students were sure that their tenancy deposit was protected.

If you are a student renting from a private landlord the chances are your deposit needs to be protected in a government approved scheme such as TDS. If you have a deposit on an assured shorthold tenancy - the standard type of tenancy for private landlords - then it's the law. We protect your deposit money from being lost or misused, and if you think your money is being withheld unfairly we provide a free service to look at your case and decide how much the landlord can keep.

Is your deposit protected?

To find out, check the documents you received when you moved in. Your landlord should have given you prescribed information telling you where and how your deposit is protected and it should also be in your tenancy agreement. If you can't find the documents take a look online:

Click here to find out if your deposit is protected with TDS

Click here to find out if your deposit is protected in another scheme using the Shelter Deposit Checker

If you are in halls of residence or share your house with your landlord you won't have an assured shorthold tenancy and your deposit doesn't have to be protected.

If you think your deposit is being kept unfairly when you leave you can contact the scheme and an impartial adjudictor will examine your case to decide who gets how much - a completely free service.

Remember, the deposit is your money so if your landlord keeps any money you need to agree to it.  If your deposit isn't protected and something goes wrong, not only is your landlord breaking the law but getting your money back can be a long and difficult journey through the courts.

Want to know more? Click here to read our information leaflet

To avoid deductions being made from your deposit see the video below for some hints and tips on making sure your deposit doesn't get away!

Posted by Chris Kendall on 19 March 2014

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