Our adjudication training project with University of Law, Guildford

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Having started in September 2014, the project between TDS and the University of Law, Guildford has now successfullly completed a second full academic year.

The purpose of the project was to forge a goodwill working arrangement with the University to tie in with the range of Pro Bono opportunities offered to the students with many organisations, such as law firms and the courts.

There was a change to the programme this year, in order to better promote the training and workshops, it was agreed in conjunction with the Law School, to offer the programme to a wider range of students.

To promote attendance, a short presentation about the adjudication process along with TDS promotional material was provided, for use at the Pro Bono talks held at the Law School in September/October 2015.  This proved hugely successful with some 57 students applying to attend the training and workshops. 

A group of 35 students who had selected the course as their preferred choice, started with two initial Adjudication Training days at the end of October and beginning of November, and then attended one day Workshops taking place monthly through December to May 2016.

Following the initial Adjudication Training, the students in each subsequent Workshop were divided into groups and were provided with limited access to the TDS database on their individual laptops. 

This enabled the students to view evidence on historical completed cases and prepare draft adjudication decisions.  The students worked on varied claims to include cleaning, damage, redecoration, gardening and rent.  The complexity of the cases worked on increased each month.  A TDS Senior Adjudicator attended a number of the workshops to be on hand to provide valuable experience.  Feedback was provided to each student at the end of each session, on their approach to the dispute and their report writing skills.  We also touched on interesting cases and towards the end of the programme, we looked at complaint handling.

The programme has provided an excellent opportunity for the students to take part in a series of training workshops aimed at introducing them to the work of an Adjudicator.  The feedback showed that the students found it a very valuable experience, with interest from a number of students to further their links with TDS.  We propose to continue into the next academic year and arrangements are currently under discussion. 



Posted by Sandy Bastin on 21 June 2016

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