Four Reasons why Conferences are Good for You

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1. You learn a lot.

Most professional conferences are training events.  With expert speakers explaining their subject.  Right there in front of you, on the platform.

Reading and online training are good, very good, but there is nothing quite like attending a live event.  

Then there is talking to other delegates, hearing their story and speaking to the exhibitors many of whom can teach you a lot.  Conferences are GREAT training events.

2. They re-energise you

Have you ever felt a bit flat and bored with your job? Or maybe just tired and listless about it all?  

Attend a good conference with great speakers and exhibitors and it is a real ‘shot in the arm’.  You come away feeling invigorated, inspired, and full of new enthusiasm.

Everyone needs to attend a Conference from time to time.

3. You meet new people

They often say the most important part of an event is in the bar.  Conferences allow you to meet new people, people in the same line of work who are doing what YOU do.  They have the same problems, the same issues - and how great is it to talk to someone who really understands!

You get a chance to exchange views and ideas and new ways of doing things.  You may even end up with a new business partner!

4. They are fun

There is nothing quite like the buzz of a really good conference.  It’s exciting!  

They take you away, out of your normal life, to a place where you can relax and learn and meet new friends.  Where you don’t have to worry about anything other than finding your seat and whether your favourite sandwiches will have gone by the time you get to the lunch table.  

Your job working in property is tough, tougher than most people realise - you need the occasional conference to give you a break.

The Landlord Law Conference

Sponsored (as always) by TDS, the Landlord Law Conference is one of those great conference experiences.  This year it will be on 12 May in Manchester

Not only is it great fun – it’s a terrific learning event.  We concentrate on the law - and the law has been changing so much over the past year!  

There are ten talks covering new section 21 changes, right to rent checks, tenancy deposit issues, all will be covered along with landlords repairing obligations, eviction hearings, HMO law, fire safety and more ...  Helping you avoid lawsuits, prosecutions and fines.

Held in the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Manchester, Deansgate, with special discounts on accommodation if you are not local – the Landlord Law Conference is the best event to bring you bang up to date with the law.  

Watch the video below of last year’s Conference here and then visit to find out more.

Tessa Shepperson

Tessa is a specialist landlord & tenant lawyer and director of the training company Easy Law Training Ltd.

Posted by on 29 March 2016

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