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Adjudication Digest: "I'm sure it will be fine....."

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* *The Adjudication Digest takes a recent decision by a TDS Adjudicator and sets out the reasoning behind the decision.  The aim of these Digest reports is to help tenants, landlords and agents better understand how we make our adjudication decisions.

Posted by Michael Morgan, Director of Dispute Resolution on 30 January 2015


Can you smell the deprivation in the private rented sector?

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*  **Standards in private rented sector housing were put before Parliament once again yesterday in a Bill to make private landlords meet the Decent Homes Standard. *

Posted by Chris Kendall, Tenancy Deposit Scheme on 29 January 2015


Raising the rent: keeping it fair and reasonable

*2014 saw the buy-to-let market positively flourishing. The most recent statistics put the annual increase in mortgage lending for rental property purchase at 22% by volume and 29% by value 1. Nevertheless, some landlords have entered the new year with a small amount of trepidation.*

Posted by on 16 January 2015


Disputes over mould are growing...

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* Extreme weather conditions in recent years have caused all sorts of problems in rental homes, mould and condensation being the worst culprits.* They can damage the property and tenants' possessions, cause health problems and contentious disagreements, especially when landlords take money from tenancy deposits. TDS adjudicates in disputes over deposits and mould is a growing reason...

Posted by on 5 January 2015