A robust inventory can turn the result of a dispute: Video interview with John King

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Have you ever doubted the importance of a good inventory? In this interview by Vanessa Warwick, John King (TDS Member Relations Manager) explains why a robust inventory is important for landlords, tenants, and agents alike. Watch the interview below.

  • TDS will accept anything as evidence, but it’s unlikely to be good enough if it’s not supported by a robust inventory.
  • Fair wear and tear can be contentious. An inventory with check-in and check-out reports provide evidence of the dilapidation over the tenancy period and whether it can be considered fair or excessive - considering the length of tenancy, type of property, and who is in residence.
  • The Localism Act will impact upon the professionalism of agents as they must now pay extra attention to having their paperwork in order within the time limits.
  • TDS is seeing an increase in use of digital inventory software. Some of it is very good, but the outcome will always depend on the quality of the evidence.