TDS Announces Major Change in Subscription Payments

The second tranche of this year’s subscription invoices for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme hit members’ desks this month and includes a major change. In response to members’ requests, subscriptions can be settled on a monthly basis, as well as quarterly or annually, from now on.

This is one of a number of improvements being made in response to the needs of members. In particular, TDS has developed a number of tools to help members explain to landlords and tenants the rights and obligations involved in a tenancy and the effects these can have when it comes to allocating the deposit at the end of the tenancy. 

One of these is the case study section on the TDS website. This aims to help agents explain what can be expected and how costs may be deducted for items such as cleaning at the end of a tenancy. 

This successful use of case studies and the explanation of the adjudication process will be boosted by a further series of case studies due to be published very shortly. Each month TDS publishes on its website details of a recent adjudication decision – anonymised, of course – which explains some of the principles behind its adjudication decisions.

Following the success of the six “Meet the TDS Events” held so far this year, a new programme will be rolled out for the autumn.

Said TDS Chief Executive, Steve Harriott, “We have made full use of feedback from our members to improve services wherever we can and this is part of our continuing programme to make life easier for everyone using the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.” 

27th June 2011

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