#ExpertView, Alan Ward, Chair of the RLA, explains why we launched DepositGuard Custodial

In this week’s #ExpertView, Alan Ward, Chair of the RLA, explains why we launched DepositGuard Custodial.

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has always understood the challenges faced by landlords and is proactive in doing all it can to support members with the tools they need to do the right thing.

Therefore, the RLA and TDS have joined forces once again to create a free, custodial tenancy deposit option for RLA landlords called DepositGuard Custodial

Tenancy deposit protection offers peace of mind for both landlords and tenants, which is one of the reasons why we introduced DepositGuard Insured for RLA members in 2012 – and why we’ve now added to that scheme with the launch of DepositGuard Custodial.

DepositGuard Custodial differs to the Insured scheme in that the deposit is held by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) as opposed to the landlord holding the deposit.  Of course, if the landlord prefers to hold the deposit themselves, they still can under the Insured scheme – and being an RLA member means that they can still benefit from the lowest rates for landlords on the market too.

With the DepositGuard Custodial scheme, however, there is no cost to pay at all.  It’s a free option that offers the same award-winning TDS Customer service as using Deposit Guard Insured with some additional key unique features that you won’t find anywhere else such as our exclusive online evidence portal.

It’s all about choice and convenience.

As Steve Harriott, CEO of TDS explained, “DepositGuard Custodial and DepositGuard Insured means that it is now really easy for RLA landlords to keep all of their deposit protection needs under one roof.”

We want to give RLA landlord members access to the very best tenancy deposit protection with the UKs leading TDP scheme.  As the only not-for-profit, government-approved scheme in the UK, TDS, offers an excellent standard of support with award-winning customer service and user-friendly technological solutions that make life a great deal easier for landlords.

Discover more about the benefits of using the TDS Custodial tenancy deposit scheme here: rla.org.uk/depositguard